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[i] Off to the Cycle Show!
We'll be on Stand K125 at the Cycle Show at the NEC - so the office is now closed until Monday...
Posted on Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

[i] Coming up in Electric Bike Issue 9!
We've ridden no fewer than 12 electric bikes for the upcoming edition of Electric Bike, plus gathered all the news for the upcoming Cycle Show and from Eurobike. And we've hit the road, visiting eight specialist dealers in or around London...
Posted on Wednesday 10 Sep 2014

[i] Coming up at the Cycle Show 2014!
Masses of the latest electric bikes are due to go on show at the NEC, Birmingham for the 2014 Cycle Show on the 26-28th September. We'll be there! Book in advance for discounted tickets...
Posted on Thursday 28 Aug 2014

[i] Justebikes launch Mando Footloose competition!
Snap a Mando in London and win one - it's a promotional campaign for these remarkable chainless 'series hybrid' e-bikes. And there's a Jubilee Line carriage full of them and a Canary Wharf display, too...
Posted on Thursday 10 Jul 2014

[i] Drive train integration part 2: NuVinci and Bosch
NuVinci stepless hub gear launches 'H|Sync' auto-shifting version with comms built in for integration with e-bike user interfaces. Initially, that means Bosch...
Posted on Monday 30 Jun 2014

[i] Drive train integration part 1: Bosch and Shimano
Shimano's Di2 electronic gear shifting will soon talk to the Bosch power assist system and use its display...
Posted on Monday 30 Jun 2014

[i] East of England Electric Bike Show - next weekend!
Running now for its third year, the Great Yarmouth electric bike event returns on Saturday 5th July...
Posted on Friday 27 Jun 2014

[i] Back from Bristol!
Photo report from this weekend's Bristol Green Week electric bike event and races...
Posted on Monday 23 Jun 2014
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[i] Want to earn £25-£30k working with electric bikes?
Jobs in the electric bike trade don't come up that often, but now Byocycles have an opening for a sales manager: read on for all the details!
Posted on Thursday 12 Jun 2014

[i] Batribike bring Cykell carriers to the UK
Beefy car tow ball mounted carriers can take up to 60 kg of electric bikes...
Posted on Monday 9 Jun 2014

[i] A2B target super-rich with a 'grand tour' by e-bike
£80k trip to include cycling in (but not between) the 12 cities voted 'most fashionable', on A2B Obree and Orsted bikes...
Posted on Monday 9 Jun 2014

[i] Cycle Show 2014 gears up with even more space!
The late September show is moving into a new larger hall at the NEC, and once again the Electric Bike Village is set to attract a mass of e-bike exhibitors...
Posted on Thursday 5 Jun 2014

[i] Lapierre e-bikes launch into the UK
The well-established French brand is to be sold by 'e-bikeshop', Surrey-based crank drive specialists. Lapierre's Bosch-powered bikes are expected to be in stock in 'a few weeks'...
Posted on Wednesday 4 Jun 2014

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