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Who is behind Electric Bike?

Electric Bike is published by the team behind Velo Vision magazine. Editor and Publisher is Peter Eland, who has over 15 years of experience in cycle magazine publishing following a background in mechanical engineering. In close to 10 years of publishing Velo Vision we have ridden numerous electric bikes of all sorts, and we've published many further electric bike articles from independent authors and readers. We have excellent contacts in the industry both in the UK and overseas, and are looking forward to bringing the new magazine to a whole new readership.


Is Electric Bike a UK only magazine?

We're based in the UK (in York) and the magazine will be principally distributed via UK dealers and organisations. We'll review mainly bikes available for purchase within the UK.

That said, we also regularly attend the major trade shows in Germany and elsewhere, and we'll certainly be reporting on developments from mainland Europe and beyond.

Readers from anywhere in the world are welcome to subscribe to Electric Bike (here) and the first issue will be sent free of charge to Velo Vision readers in over 40 countries.


How many times a year will Electric Bike magazine be published?

We're currently publishing Electric Bike around three times a year.


How do you choose which bikes to review?

As the magazine is supported by its advertisers, it's only fair that we prioritise advertisers when it comes to choosing bikes to review. Bikes for the first issue were chosen in a draw from those advertisers booked in at the time - for subsequent issues we'll be offering advertisers the opportunity to send a bike in for review according to the order in which they booked in. Once we've reviewed at least one bike from everyone we'll work out what to do then! Exceptions might possibly be made for exceptionally interesting bikes...

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