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[i] New Fully Charged e-bike shop launching in London
A one-month pop-up shop opens at the Old Street tube station on Monday, and there's also to be a permanent 'by appointment' showroom in nearby Hoxton Docks...
Posted on Thursday 17 Apr 2014

[i] Review: Raleigh Motus Low Step
With 2014’s Motus, Raleigh are bringing the latest Bosch system to the UK at a very reasonable £2000 price. So how did it ride? Read the review in full.
Posted on Friday 11 Apr 2014

[i] Review: Kalkhoff Pro Connect Xion X27
We reviewed Kalkhoff’s crank-drive Ergo last issue, but the same company’s new hub motor system, the Xion, looked too intriguing to miss. We tried it out aboard the Pro Connect Xion X27. Read the review in full.
Posted on Friday 11 Apr 2014

[i] Review: Flyer C-series
With its Panasonic mid drive and comfort-oriented specification, does Flyer’s £1795 C-Series measure up to expectations? We rode it to find out. Read the full review.
Posted on Friday 11 Apr 2014

[i] Short review: Byocycles Chameleon LS 2014
We’ve already reviewed the Chameleon once, back in Issue 4, but Byocycles were keen for us to take another look, as they say they’ve now addressed many of our criticisms of the earlier version. Did the changes made a difference? We rode it to find out! Read the review in full.
Posted on Friday 11 Apr 2014

[i] Review: Riese & Muller Bluelabel Charger
With a hefty £3449 price-tag, a design award to its credit and striking styling, can the Bluelabel Charger from German brand Riese & Muller live up to the hype? We find out! Read the review in full.
Posted on Friday 11 Apr 2014

[i] Review: Ansmann RS 29 Power
Ansmann are a major German battery and power system supplier who have recently turned their attention to e-bikes. We rode their flagship 29er mountain bike, the £2999 RS29 Power, to put their expertise to the test. Read the review in full.
Posted on Friday 11 Apr 2014

[i] Electric Bike Issue 8 is online now!
The latest issue is online now - and it's also been sent off to print, so the paper magazine will be out shortly...
Posted on Monday 31 Mar 2014

[i] Oxygen Bicycles restructure following investment
Seascooter UK Ltd to take a majority stake in new company distributing Oxygen bicycles, while the original owners are to continue with OXYdrive kits...
Posted on Monday 24 Mar 2014

[i] BEBA launch e-bike insurance scheme
Insurance covers e-bikers against theft, accidental damage, breakdowns, third party claims and more. BEBA have also updated their website and lobbied Parliament...
Posted on Monday 24 Mar 2014

[i] Falco launch 'Triple Drive' for handcycles
New development combines torque sensing with throttle control - possibly unique for a direct drive motor system?
Posted on Thursday 20 Mar 2014

[i] Cycling Made Easy to open major new showroom
New premises puts e-bikes
Posted on Wednesday 12 Mar 2014

[i] A2B acquire Electric Bicycle Network
The UK-wide e-bike hire network now has a new owner, electric bike brand A2B...
Posted on Wednesday 12 Mar 2014

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