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Ansmann City Wave FC-1
Ansmann RS 29 Power
ARCC Assist Moulton
Bluelabel Charger
Byocycles Chameleon LS 20
Flyer C-Series
Gepida Asgard and Berig
Kalkhoff Pro Connect Alfine 8G and Sahel Compact
Kalkhoff ProConnect Xion X27
Kudos Typhoon and Escape
Moustache Samedi 27/9 Gold and Lundi 26 Black
Raleigh Motus
Sparta RX+ and RXS+

Casco E.motion e-bike helmet
Claud Butler UM20
Falco Genesis Core e120
Grace MX
Hase Bikes Klimax 2K
Hero Eco Hybrid 24
Kalkhoff Ergo Nuvinci Harmony
Kudos Cycles Arriba
Kudos Cycles Ibex
Juicy Bike Classic
Mission Cycles e-Solo Trike
Momentum Electric Upstart
Momentum Electric Model T
Sunstar iBike SO3
Volt Alpine
Volt Metro
Wisper 905classic
Xootr Swift-E folding bike

Batribike Breeze
BH Emotion Neo Cross
Byocycles Chameleon 20
Conv-E kit
Gepida Rodanus tandem
Infineum Continental
Kalkhoff Agattu C11
Kudos Secret
Raleigh Velo-Cite Xbar
Smarta LX
Spencer Ivy 'Spencer'
Storck Raddar Multitask
Team Hybrid Falco prototype
Volt Pulse

BionX BionX kit
Daum Elektronik Trekking-H Premium
Gazelle Orange Pure Innergy
Haibike Enduro (Bosch)
Juicy Bike Sport
Kalkhoff Pro Connect Disc
Kudos Tourer Nexus-8
Powabyke X-24
Wisper 906 Alpino

BuyBuyBicycles Electro-city
Ezee Torq dual battery
Gepida Reptila 1000
Raleigh Dover Deluxe

2007 to 2009
Gocycle Gocycle G1
Heinzmann Estelle
Five electric kits
Airnimal Joey Move BionX
Ezee Forte
Sparta Ion M-Gear

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