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Posted by Peter Eland on Wednesday 21 Mar 2012

Market news
A selection of reports from trade publication Bike Europe recently give an industry-oriented view of the E-bikes market across the EU:

- Hero of India take over Ultramotor UK

- E-bikes strong in the Netherlands

- ...and also in Germany

- ..and in Austria, too!

- Meanwhile, in America the LEVA have set a performance standard for e-bikes.

Media mentions

- The Ecologist look at how electric bikes are changing commuting

- Gizmag checks out a new e-bike from Opel/Vauxhall

- Accent Magazine talks to Storck Raddar at their HQ in Gateshead

And finally...

- Electric bikes are often a great boon to disabled people: this blog post from 'Ron's Rants' gives practical advice.

- Are you keen to show your e-bike enthusiasm wherever you go (by car)? And not short of some spare cash? Then this Ebay auction for the EB11KES numberplate might be of interest!

- Seen on the Scoraig wind power blog was this video, showing how electric bike motors make particularly good generators...more details and instructions are here.

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