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Falco e-motor update: first impressions!

Yesterday we rode the production version of the Falco e-motor previewed in Issue 5 of Electric Bike magazine. Now with torque sensing drive, how did it perform on the £2,395 Genesis Core e120 mountain bike?

Posted by Peter Eland on Friday 4 Jan 2013

Falco photo copyright Peter Eland/Electric Bike Magazine

The new kit is much more polished and 'finished' than the prototype version we tried before. The motor, controller and battery are available as a kit to fit to any bike, and a variety of complete machines will also be sold. The first is this hardtail mountain bike, the Genesis Core e120...

Falco photo copyright Peter Eland/Electric Bike Magazine

It comes with a GoPro video camera with handlebar mount - we'll have some video from the test shortly...

Falco photo copyright Peter Eland/Electric Bike Magazine

As before the motor is a brushless unit. It now has a full torque sensing control (so it matches your efforts and adds to them) for a very lively 'cycling' feel. This worked flawlessly throughout the test.

Falco photo copyright Peter Eland/Electric Bike Magazine

The light wasn't promising on the day of his visit but I took Bob from Team Hybrid E-Bikes to a local woods...

Falco photo copyright Peter Eland/Electric Bike Magazine

We got the bikes and electrics a little muddy :-)

Overall I was very pleased with the new Falco system: it was silent, smooth and responded as well as any torque sensing system I've tried. It had been neatly fitted to the bike we tried, which seemed to me a remarkably lightweight and capable MTB (I'm absolutely no expert on off-road bikes however!).

We didn't have time to reach any hills, but in really claggy mud the electric assist was great - it really helped avoid bogging down as the mud gets thicker. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole MTBing experience too - as a normally 'on road' cyclist my last experience of mountain biking had been with a much heavier and less sophisticated machine. The e120, with knobbly tyres to suit the mud and a good suspension fork, was lively and resposive, and the electric assist helped compensate for my lack of both fitness and skill!

More in the next issue!

Contact Team Hybrid for kit prices, which will vary according to configuration...

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