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Cytronex take on Merida, and launch free tyre offer...

Sporty e-bike makers expand range while working on soon-to-launch conversion kit. Plus, free tyre upgrade for the next month...

Posted by Peter Eland on Monday 4 Feb 2013

As we reported here in Issue 1, UK manufacturer Cytronex are known for fitting minimalist and silent electric assist systems to lightweight racing bikes from the likes of Cannondale, Trek and GT. Now they've also teamed up with German brand Merida, fitting their front wheel motors and waterbottle battery systems to create a fast, 16.5 kg commuter e-bike. The frames have all of the necessary mounts for rack and mudguards.

Cytronex powered Merida Speeder T2 Disc
The Cytronex-powered Merida Speeder T2 Disc

Cytronex are still working on a kit version of their system which will be retro-fittable to existing bikes. Launch is expected in the near future - watch this space!

Meanwhile, anyone purchasing a Cytronex bike over the next month can take advantage of a free upgrade to Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres, a good puncture-resistant choice!

Press releases follow:


Cytronex, the world’s lightest e-bike makes the perfect winter commuter - with two wheel drive thanks to the silent electric power fitted in the front wheel of quality bicycles like Cannondale, GT and Merida. The 2Kg water bottle battery covers an average of 20 miles with a charge time of just 80 minutes. And what’s more - Cytronex is made in Britain.

Customers who order a Cytronex bike before 4th March 2013 can now get two Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres fitted free of charge (worth £64).

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre is surely one of the best hard wearing anti-puncture tyres. The SmartGuard layer is made from a special flexible rubber that offers particular resistance to shards of glass and flint. The manufacturer says that even a drawing pin cannot penetrate this protective layer. The tread pattern gives you good grip on slippery roads whilst maintaining low rolling resistance.

For further details and to book a test ride see: www.cytronex.com or telephone Cytronex on 01962 866122.


Cytronex, the British electric bicycle system known for light unobtrusive assistance fitted to existing bikes like Cannondale, GT and Trek have added Merida to their product range for 2013.

The 2Kg Cytronex water bottle battery is central to producing a lightweight system which is ideal for getting to work fast. The Merida speeder range are fast paced lightweight commuter bicycles, with all the mounts for racks and mudguards, so they are an ideal choice for Cytronex. With the Cytronex
system fitted the result is a fast commuter bike weighing just 16.5kg.

The Merida Speeders come in three sizes (46cm, 52cm and 56cm) and three models (T2, T2 Disc and T3) and are priced at £1545, £1645 and £1645 respectably.

For further details and to book a test ride see: www.cytronex.com or telephone Cytronex on 01962 866122.

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