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Reaction Electric take on Gepida, Flyer

The Taunton-based e-bike specialists take on two major European brands, with a range of Bosch and Panasonic-powered models...

Posted by Peter Eland on Tuesday 12 Feb 2013

Reaction Electric of Taunton, Somerset, have announced that they're now the UK distributors for two well established European brands: Gepida from Hungary and Flyer from Switzerland.

Reaction's range of 2013 Gepida bikes is mainly powered by the Bosch crank drive motor (scroll down for a few exceptions at the bottom of that page, including a tidy folding bike). The flagship model is perhaps the 'Asgard' off-roader:
Reaction Electric photo

The Flyer range at Reaction Electric is in contrast powered by Panasonic crank drive systems in the latest versions:
Reaction Electric photo

Both are high quality ranges; we've reviewed a few Gepida bikes already (the Reptila 1000 in Issue 1 and the Rodanus tandem in Issue 5). Flyer meanwhile have an excellent reputation: they're a brand which has been around since the earliest days of electric bikes in Europe. We'll have a review in due course!

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