Mission Cycles and Conv-E team up for electric trikes

'E-Solo' and 'E-Trilogy' models to be available from March, priced at around £1400...

Posted by Peter Eland on Friday 22 Feb 2013

News here from WAW Associates (best known for their Conv-E conversion kit (which we reviewed here and Mission Cycles, a well known supplier of trikes and other specialist mobility cycles. They've teamed up to create a new range of trikes, expected to be available via dealers in March.

E-Solo trike
The low step-through frame on the 'E-Solo' trike makes it particularly easy for the less agile to get on and off. The E-Trilogy models use more conventional frames, as seen here on the Mission website. 20" and 24" wheeled versions will be available.

Always good to see more trikes - we often field enquiries about them! We're promised a trike for review soon...

Press release follows:

Mission To Go Electric

Two new electric bikes will enter the market place in March to meet UK demand.

In a joint venture between WAW Associates and Mission Cycles, trikes based on the leading frames of Solo and Trilogy will be developed into electric tricycles - the E-Solo and E-Trilogy.

Following significant developments and lengthy negotiations, the trikes will be based on Mission Cycle Ltd.'s frames utilising the electronics experience of WAW Associates Ltd who developed the conv-e.

Designed to fill a perceived gap in the market place as well as meeting current demand for trikes, these two models are expected to be particularly popular with people that may experience a barrier to cycling - such as a disability, those that need electric assistance to build their fitness levels, or anyone unable to ride a two-wheeled electric bicycle.

With over 10 years of experience in the electric bike industry, Keith Palmer, Managing Director of WAW Associates, explains that the new products have been designed to fill a perceived gap in the market:

"The demand for electric trikes has often outstripped product availability over the last three or four seasons, so I am very excited about bringing the E-Solo and E-Trilogy to the arena. The chance to combine WAW Associates' electric conversion experience with long established Mission Cycles, to develop a new model based upon their current best-selling frames, is a great opportunity and a recipe for success".

Dean Wilsher from Mission Cycles said: "This is a very exciting move for us. Developing our best-selling trikes into electric tricycles opens up a new market as well as meeting current demand. We're delighted to be working with WAW Associates who have a great deal of experience in the electric bike industry that we can build on to ensure the best reception for these two new bikes".

The E-Solo and E-Trilogy will both be available in 20" wheel or 24" wheel versions, with throttle operation, brushless motors, LCD display and 36V lithium batteries.

The trikes will only be available to the cycle trade via Mission Cycles Ltd, from March 2013 and are expected to retail at around £1400.00 including VAT.

For further information about the E-Solo and E-Trilogy, visit http://www.missioncycles.co.uk.

E-Solo trike
Keith Palmer of WAW Associates, with an E-Solo trike.

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