Electric Transport Shop sell £38,000 e-bike!

Pedal and electric powered 'M55 Terminus Biceps' sold by their London branch...

Posted by Peter Eland on Monday 25 Feb 2013

M55 bike

The M55 is a striking looking machine, produced in a limited edition of 275 and combining, perhaps uniquely, electric-bike style pedalling with motorbike-style speed and electric motor power. Effectively the pedalling controls the motor power; it's not torque sensing as such but "an algorithm which incorporates cadence, RPM and gear selection." There's also a throttle.

The M55 website has more details - including a gallery of the special edition 'artwork' models. The 'from £38,000' price tag is justified by a top notch specification, plenty of CNC machining and the use of the finest materials, they say.

At the risk of being a bit of a wet blanket when this bike is obviously all about macho fun, I should perhaps inject a note of 'reality check'. Although the M55 is promoted as an 'electric bike', it's far faster and more powerful than what most UK riders will classify as an electric bike (and the sort we cover in the magazine). I'm just awaiting confirmation that it actually has a 250W/15 mph mode (in which, if it weighs under 40 kg, it could be ridden on UK roads effectively as a bicycle) but if you use the over-ride (2000W motor, 50mph top speed) and want to use it on the public highway, it'll definitely require moped-style license, helmet, insurance etc. at the very least. On private land you can do as you wish of course... other off-road riding is more of a grey area.

But in any case, congratulations to The Electric Transport Shop on the sale - it's an interesting machine, mixing e-bike and e-motorbike in a perhaps unique way...

Press release follows:

Press Release Mon 25th February 2013

The most expensive electric bike we've ever sold in the UK!

Cycling is fun, and sometimes the enjoyment is even better on a machine that not only assists you but also boasts high-end craftsmanship and the personal touch.

With escalating fuel prices, increasing environmental concerns and the inconvenience of driving and parking in urban areas even wealthy consumers are opting for custom-made, high-end electric bicycles to experience the joys of pedal power and the freedom of the cities.

Luxury is something that could come your way in any form and if it serves a practical and fun application all the more reason to buy and enjoy. If it is custom made with carbon fiber titanium and high-tech features, it definitely is meant for the discerning buyer that wants life to be full of the best experiences.....and not to spend it stuck in traffic.

The Electric Transport Shop arranged for the the engineers from M55 bike to visit their Camden store at 183 York Way London and demonstrate some cutting edge technology and futuristic design to one of their long standing customers. The result is a highly customized version of their Terminus Biceps electric bike which retails from £38,000.

The happy buyer Victor Morgan said 'I know I could buy a Range Rover for this price but I rarely leave London and I will enjoy this much more. It is a vision of the future and gets me around much faster than a Range Rover.'

The Electric Transport Shop co-founder Eddie Kehoe commented: 'We have some very wealthy customers and some very well known. Budget aside most of our customers are either looking for efficient local transport or to enjoy cycling even more. I believe the days of driving to the corner shop are gone and intelligent people are looking for the most appropriate transport options available to them.'

M55 say:
To increase range and performance, we’ve developed brushless electric motors driven by super-efficient batteries that deliver raw power and unbeatable endurance. Titanium, carbon fibre and CNC-machined aluminium give our machines the strength to tackle the toughest terrain. And we’ve taken suspension and braking technologies from F1 racing to produce the ultimate in ride quality and off-road safety The M55 Terminus rewrites the rules for e-bikes, the ultimate in engineering excellence and hybrid performance has stunning aesthetic appeal. Our muscular, futuristic design consciously aims to turn heads and quicken the pulse of every discerning enthusiast.

www.ElectricBikeSales.co.uk sales@electricbikesales.co.uk
Hope Street Yard, Cambridge CB1 3NA 01223 247410 Company No. 5469003 VAT: 890164026 Directors: J McAlley, E Kehoe

M55 bike

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