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Coming up in Electric Bike Issue 6!

Another packed issue on the way with a total of 8 bikes reviewed! We have electric MTBs from Grace and Falco, two urban bikes - the A2B Hydrid 24 and the Juicy Classic, plus folding bikes: the BeatBike, an updated Volt and a Sunstar-equipped Dahon. And there's more, including the amazing Hase Klimax weatherproof trike...

Posted by Peter Eland on Wednesday 27 Feb 2013

We first take a look at off-road electric cycling, with reviews of the Grace MX from Wisper and Falco-powered Genersis Core e120 from Team Hybrid, plus a round-up of the other off-road options on the market:

Falco Genesis electric bike
The Falco-powered Genersis Core e120

Grace MX electric bike
The Grace MX

Then it's urban e-bikes in the spotlight, with the high end torque sensing A2B Hybrid 24 from Ultramotor, and the affordable but rather refined Juicy Bikes Classic:

A2B Hybrid 24 electric bike
The A2B Hybrid 24

Juicy Bike Classic electric bike
The Juicy Bikes Classic

Next we've gathered three folding bikes: first the ultra-compact and remarkably affordable BeatBike. Then we have the Volt Metro, featuring several technology updates. Finally there's a Dahon folding bike fitted with the Sunstar crank-drive electric assist kit system...

Beatbike electric bike
The Beatbike

Volt Metro electric bike
The Volt Metro

Dahon/Sunstar electric bike
The Dahon with Sunstar

Finally, there's the amazing Klimax 2K from Hase Bikes: a weather-protected electric-assisted trike which aims to create a new category of vehicle. Legally, like all of the bikes we review, it's still just a bicycle, of course...

Hase Klimax electric bike
The Hase Klimax 2K

A full beginner's guide, news, letters and more!

We'll get it to print, and up online, ASAP!

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